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Make Money Online By Typing

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Freedom is everything!  Do you want to have the freedom to work remotely from anywhere?  How about learning to make money online by typing for starters.  Dreaming of camping out at StarBucks with your favorite latte or coffee, working freely?  If you have the ambition to be your own boss and establish a home-based typing business, then this article is for you!

We often are asked, how can I make money online by typing?   These days everyone knows how to type and use a keyboard, and if you don’t then it’s easy to learn, it just takes practice.  The whole point is to be financially free, flexible with your time and able to enjoy the finer things in life.

How Much Money Can You Make By Typing?

The quality of your income depends on your abilities, work rate, and efforts. Entrepreneur says that simple word processing costs $7 to $40 an hour, while transcription services cost $15 to $45 an hour. In a few jobs, you’re paid by the hour. Some companies charge by page. Still, there are other positions where the payment is made by the word.

Check your typing positions carefully to discover what type of pricing structure is given. If you are an expert in any other field, such as SEO, website construction, or page editing, you can charge more.

Typing From Home: Benefits

Making money from home typing is a great freedom. You pick your clients. You decide how much you labor. You don’t even have to leave your house. No gas. No fury. No snow-covered cars to work in the winter. This is a terrific way for mums to supplement their income. It is ideal for unemployed people. Working from home helps you to assist an ailing parent. Plus, you can work alongside your pets.

Work from home. Travel and work at the same time. Type while at Starbucks. Beach typing for money. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can make money by typing.

How Quickly Do You Have To Type To Earn a Job?

A company’s specific needs will determine how fast you have to type to get a job. If you meet the following criteria, you are welcome to submit an application to Daily Transcription.

You must be able to type at least 50 WPM. Meanwhile, CyberDictate accepts typists whose pace is no slower than 85 WPM. In addition, there are other micro task crowdsourcing sites, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, that have no constraints in terms of speed.

On the other hand, platforms, where you can get paid to type online, will say that one of the biggest perks they enjoy is the ability to work quickly so as to meet tight deadlines. This statement indicates that the higher your typing speed, the more likely you are to get hired for a typing position in the future.

What Kind Of Typing Jobs Are Available

Probably your next question would be “What is the role of a typing assistant”? Based on your talents, experience, and interests, you may choose the best typing job for you.  To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best work-from-home typing jobs you can find on the internet.

Freelancer has over 900 job categories to pick from. It has over 30 million users. A client creates a job and posts it on the site. The client selects the freelancer from among the bidders. The client checks your work and pays you. Luckily, has thousands of online typing jobs accessible. Create your freelance account and start applying for projects. There are various payment options that freelancers can choose from, including PayPal, Express Withdrawal, Skrill, Payoneer, and wire transfers.  So get started with for free.


Unlike most home-based transcription employment, real-time captioning involves typing live video rather than recorded audio. A stenographer must be able to type quickly and accurately. Experimentation with real-time transcription is required.

Offline captioning is the job of typing captions for recorded videos. Offline captioning is the process of adding captions to a video after it has been captured. In comparison to real-time, you don’t need as much speed or experience, but you will need some previous transcription skills to become a captioner. Offline captioners must also be trained and experienced in adding captions within the video.

You can create both offline and real-time captions from the comfort of your own home.

Axion Data Entry Services

Most Axion Data Entry Services jobs require you to type text from scanned documents. Their website doesn’t state their rates, but you get paid per unit, or per document.

There used to be an overwhelming amount of applicants, most of whom lacked the essential abilities. As a result, they now charge up to $10 per year to remain in their database as a potential typist, hoping to only attract people who are truly interested in working with them. This means you should consider whether paying the price is worthwhile, as there is no assurance they will invite you to work for them.


2Captcha makes it simple to earn money online. It pays users to solve CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA jobs are the easiest typing jobs available. The only disadvantage is that you are underpaid. Your earnings are based on how many CAPTCHAs you can solve. Captcha solving employment pays between 20 and 80 cents per hour. It’s not much, but it’s money. This website is really simple to work on.  Just sign up and verify. Click “Start Work” to begin seeing numerous photos with text. Users must simply type the text on the given forms. So easy!

The nicest thing about this profession is that you can work whenever you want. Jobs are available 24/7, allowing individuals to work whenever they wish. It doesn’t get better than that! Payments are made using Bitcoin, Payza, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, or AdvCash. You can withdraw your earnings whenever they reach $0.5.

Typing Books

Do you remember the last time you read a hardcopy book? In a world where most people prefer to read eBooks or listen to audiobooks, conventional authors are going digital. This has created several chances to type for money.

The jobs are remote, so you may work from anywhere with a computer and a comfortable space to work. Typing occupations include ancient books, manuals, journals, manuscripts, and recipe books. This particular niche is not as common as other typing jobs. So, as a freelancer, you can carve out a unique niche for your application.

Notably, applying for jobs via multiple platforms boosts your chances. These sites can help you get work and gain experience. Quick Transcription Service offer, translation, captioning, typing, and transcription. Despite not revealing how much they pay their charge of $2.63/page for clients seems to suggest the possibility of pay.

Earn Money by Typing Fast

Are you able to type quickly? Is it possible to get rewarded for rapid typing? For the majority of people, 40 words per minute is considered average. On average, 200 characters each minute. To get paid to type at home, you must, however, be a better typist than average.

Typists typically type 65-75 words per minute. At such a rate, your options are virtually limitless. It is possible, for example, to transcribe speeches in real-time such as those delivered at conferences and lectures as well as online classes, sermons, seminars, court procedures, and debates.

Consider selling yourself as an online note-taker. Students and especially post-graduate students, doctorate students, or students with disabilities will typically seek out your services.


UpWork is a very popular website for freelancers and independent contractors. A profile can be created within minutes and you can immediately begin exploring requests for content writers. Content writing, editing, translating, ghostwriting, copywriting, proofreading, creative writing, and grant writing are all common ways freelancers make money.

Writing material for websites, on the other hand, is the most prevalent reason why you’ll get hired as a freelancer. You can choose to get paid hourly or by the project, depending on your preference.

Sometimes, you may be asked to do a lot of work for a small amount of money.  Fortunately, there are still lots of good-paying positions available. The most important thing is to sift through all of the job prospects and dismiss the junk that you come across along the way.

Writers Work

Writers work is a cheaper alternative. You pay a one-time price and get full access. A one-time enrollment charge can save you hundreds of dollars during your writing career. Writers Work is designed for starters. It’s an online tool with a simple interface.

Article and video instructional library – Everything you need to know about freelancing is here. Don’t know what to do? Simply search for your question to find the solution.

Writers Work seeks clients for you, so you don’t have to! You can choose from a list of available jobs on one screen. You can even set up alerts for new possibilities. Writers Work includes advanced writing and editing software to help you write better articles.

Choosing Writers Work allows you to focus on generating money. In order to discover your own clientele, you have to spend hours searching, obtaining employment, sending invoices, etc. But with Writers Work you can focus on one thing, creating freelance articles.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Every day, there are thousands of jobs accessible on Amazon Mechanical Turk. These jobs are known as HITs or “human intelligence tasks”. The work here often pays you to type online. You can be required to type in transcribed audio or do other data entry. Work on Amazon Mechanical Turk pays $5-$7 an hour, but the benefit of this site is the seemingly infinite amount of jobs available. Set up a bank account and withdraw money via direct deposit.

Blogger Outreach

Contact your favorite bloggers for freelance writing jobs. Bloggers are always looking for content, therefore they may hire you. Find contact information on their website and ask whether they’re hiring. The nicest aspect of finding your own customers is setting your own rates. There are many websites that connect authors with clients. The best method to make money typing is to find your own clientele. Check out our super useful article on how to make money Blogging.

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