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Make Money Online As A Kid

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It’s rare nowadays to meet a child or teenager who doesn’t love the Internet. The Internet is full of fantastic things, from endless cat videos to strong fandoms to every gaming type imaginable. Thus, it is obvious why children do not go out much to meet friends—they are communicating with each other via text while lying in their beds, armed with a bag of chips nearby. If you’re a parent or guardian reading this, welcome to the digital era, we will show you how to make money online as a kid.

You may beg your kids to put down their gadgets, but consider this:

Let the youngsters earn money online. They can stay connected to their social media feeds while simultaneously being productive and possibly saving money for that new pair of sneakers.


Children who want to produce illustrations could turn this into a source of income. A good illustrating tablet (such as Clip Studio Paint Pro) along with user-friendly software will ensure success. If you would like to set up a portfolio on their website. Deviantart is an excellent option.


These youngsters today are so technologically aware, aren’t they?  There is money to be made with YouTube if your youngster enjoys making videos. A number of young people have set out to create YouTube videos as a way to learn how to make money.

For example, children can be involved in conducting product tests and making videos about their experiences with different products. If your child only wants to create videos to talk about specific subjects (such as video games, how-to videos, etc.), they can begin to generate cash by including ads in their videos. As a parent, however, you should check this money-making channel thoroughly.

Design and Take Photos

Art and design are two fields that thrive in the internet money-making sector. Many artists make graphics or images to sell online. Encourage your child to start an art blog and market their work. They can also sell their work to companies that use photography for marketing.

As a parent, you must remember that the existence of such opportunities does not imply imposition. It’s vital that they are willing to at least try and that they know that you support them. If it goes through, help them with negotiations, payments, and even delivery.

Finally, make sure their business doesn’t interfere with their childhood. Let them have fun while making money.

Play Games

Instead of picking up the game controllers out of your child’s hands, why not encourage your child to find alternative ways to earn money with gaming skills? Game testers are in high demand, and some developers will pay for it. Children make up a big part of the game’s target market, hence children are good game reviewers. Although it can take some time for your child to get good at playing, once they do, they can also participate in tournaments where they can win monetary prizes and earn stardom.


While most investment sites do not allow those under 13 to register, you can enlist the support of your parents. It is now relatively simple to invest in stocks thanks to the Internet. To get started, you’ll need to find a digital broker that would let you deposit some of your own money. It is possible to accumulate a good amount of money when you are a grownup if you invest your money wisely.

Become a Video Editor

Finding online video editing work is never difficult. As long as you’re using production-level software, you don’t have to be concerned about the type of work you can find. A fair amount of YouTubers are requesting for footage to be eliminated or the timing to be fixed. If you use the standard software that came with your computer, you will not need any specialized software to complete the task.

The more employment you obtain, the more valuable skills you’ll develop, which may lead to a prosperous career.

Stream Games Online

The multi-million dollar industry of game-streaming is getting more traction all the time.  A few of the world’s most successful stars in the streaming industry are hauling in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by doing what they love. One way to do this is to use digital video recording (DVR) software with the streaming gear. You can also stream live on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, or alternatively, you can record the action and share it online.

In order to generate money as a streamer, you’ll need to sell memberships, collaborate with sponsors, and display commercials during your streams.

Rent Your Stuff

Many adults supplement their income by renting out unused items on a daily basis. This comprises free-standing garages, carports, and vehicle parking. While it’s difficult to go to these extremes, you can rent out goods that you own that are smaller. Whether it’s sports equipment, gaming equipment, or even clothes, these items are all excellent choices.

Tell people about your services on the Internet or set up your own website. Once you discover someone willing to pay for short-term usage, you won’t have to wait long to locate a buyer.

Create Your Own Products

Without the danger of developing something no one will buy, you can make new cool items through crowdsourcing. Even if you’ve got a new and innovative concept, you may place it on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and see if anyone wants to fund it. You will receive funding for your project if people are excited about it. If your project gets popular, people might fund it before buying it. Once you’ve acquired the funds necessary to pay all your bills, you’ve successfully left the rat race.

One of the best parts of starting out while you’re young is you have very little expense. In order to be wealthy as a child, purchase and own assets.

Soda Stand

Adults buy lemonade only because they think children are cute.  Instead of selling something that they can buy anywhere, why not sell something that people can’t get enough of? Currently, the latest trend in mixed beverage sales is booming, and you can profit a lot by selling them. If you combine a half-and-half mixture with coke, you end up with a dirty coke that will go for $3 to $4 dollars. The difference between a dollar fifty cents’ worth of lemonade and this one is tremendous.

Ipsos iSay

Before its acquisition by Ipsos, I-Say was one of the market leaders in the mainstream sector. While they still maintain a substantial presence on the web, now they’ve focused their efforts on reaching out to younger demographics and they offer regular possibilities on a daily basis. The options to earn money using Ipsos include:

  • Being an active participant in daily polls
  • Taking available surveys
  • Referring to people in your social network, such as your friends and family.

You get points for things you use, including gift cards and PayPal. Additionally, they included an interesting new program called the “Loyalty Program.” A loyalty program is basically a reward system for active users. For example, you will receive an extra 25 bonus points for every five surveys you complete. In addition to the original points you earn for completing the survey, this is all part of your total points balance.

Sell T-Shirts Online

You can do this whether you’re creative or not and make good money online or offline. Making money designing and selling t-shirts online is simple if you know how to utilize a T-shirt design software. Sounds hard? No way.

Online kids can earn money in two ways. Upload your designs for free to a marketplace like SpreadShirt. Your designs might be anything from cartoon figures to doodles or other simple sketches. You may learn to design t-shirts using easy software like Microsoft Paint and sell them online or offline. Your parents or elder siblings can help you with transactions and receiving your earnings. You may sell tees, caps, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, sportswear, sweatshirts, and more for free if you are over sixteen.

People can buy from your internet store with a single click. Having an internet store also allows you to sell your goods to your classmates or neighbors.  Get started on Printify for free!

Selling on eBay

Anyone above the age of eighteen can start selling on eBay. Although children cannot open an eBay account, your parents can help you with this. Once your account is set up, you may start creating goods like homemade crafts, artwork, t-shirts, caps, and mugs. There are always customers out there, who will appreciate your products and some of them will purchase them.

You may sell crafts like rag dolls, beaded bracelets, paintings, and pottery on eBay. Ask an adult to help you turn your artistic talents into revenue. You can also sell your unwanted school supplies on eBay. You can also sell outgrown toys and stuffed animals in good condition.  Gifts, supplies, and unwanted objects can all be sold online. You can also sell stuff through garage sales, yard sales, yard sales, thrift stores, or any other source.

Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys are a way to earn money. No prior expertise is required to do one of the easiest internet jobs. Consistently completing surveys will always earn you some extra cash. People of all ages fill out paid surveys every day, and this is a legitimate way to make at least $2 an hour, depending on your goals. Some online survey sites provide freebies in exchange for your feedback, ranging from games and gift cards to sweets. It takes around a quarter of an hour to complete one of these surveys.

Having knowledge about which websites to use and how to utilize them is key, because some paid survey guides may offer assistance on how to succeed in paid surveys.

House Sitting

House sitting, like pet and babysitting, is a great method for kids to earn money. Your target customers can be hobby travelers on a tour or single males away from home for various reasons. These people are often searching for someone to care after their houses and handle simple tasks like watering plants and answering phones.

People typically don’t trust strangers and don’t let strangers into their homes. So be social and build contacts with such folks so they may contact you in an emergency. You might charge a lot based on how much time you spend and how many things you complete for them.


Your children should be taught the importance of money and how to make money as a youngster.

Even if you aren’t knowledgeable about finances, getting together to learn new things could just teach you both valuable things. If your children can learn to earn money as they grow up, they will be more diverse and capable of handling all financial problems later in life.

To me, that’s a win-win situation.

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