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inPixio is a group of photo editing tools that consists of a full-fledged software for windows and mac known as inPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro. You can edit and enhance your images using various features of this software such as Photo Focus, Photo Maximizer, and Eclipse HDR.

You can even resize your image, remove unwanted objects, change the focus, and add various filters to your image with this tool. It is an amazing image editing software that comes with a minimal and straightforward interface. However, it does an amazing job of advanced image editing, even with its basic interface. 

The amazing feature of this photo editing tool is that you do not get any advertisements, even in the free trial. It features multiple modules that allow you to enhance your photo editing skills as a professional.  You can really make some money with this software.

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inPixio Photo Editor Detailed Review

It is a group of multiple photo editing tools; however, the main application of this software is inPixio Photo Editor Pro. As soon as you run this photo editing software, you will get multiple options that you can use and available to purchase for enhancing your photos.

Starting the Program and Uploading Image

The initial screen of this program is similar to other photo editing tools as of Adobe software. It will provide you an option to test the photo editing feature as soon as you start the application. However, it is an added advantage if you don’t have your picture to learn editing on the initial stage.

You can upload and edit all the popular photo formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP and many more. Moreover, it supports the RAW image files for editing, which gives you more options while editing photos.

EXIF Data Addition and Histogram Feature

inPixio Photo Editor provides you the option to view and change the meta information of images such as date, location, and tags to the photos. You can even add your custom copyright information to your photos.

Furthermore, it features a histogram tool, an amazing tool that calculates the exposure levels in your photo to enhance the bright and dark areas of the images.

Oversaturated and Dim Presets

One feature that any photo editing tool is incomplete without is presets. It allows you to choose from more than 100 presets that are further divided into 10 categories to enhance your photos. However, it would be best if you were specific about presets as not every presets enhances your photo; some even make them look weird.

It is not recommended to edit your photos with preset as it has a vice versa effect on the photos most of the time. When you enhance an image using preset, you will notice that the background became unnatural. There are only a few presets that will give you an effect of your choice on both humans and the background of the image.

Questionable Curve Feed

Most of the photo editing tool features a single curve to adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, and sharpness of the photos. However, it is not the same with inPixio photo editor pro. This application comes with different curves to adjust exposure, saturation, and sharpness of your image.

It makes your photo editing more complicated with different curves while you can adjust all of them with a single curve in other software.

Auto Erase Function

Well, it is the most important and useful feature for any photo editing application. Auto Erase Function can be helpful to both individuals and professionals while editing any picture. Most of the times when we click any photo, we notice that there are some unwanted objects or person which we could not skip while clicking the photo.

However, with Auto Erase Function of this tool, you can cut out any object or person from your photo without compromising the photo quality.

Auto Background Removal Feature

The premium feature of the inPixio Photo Editor tool allows you to edit and remove the background of your image. You can select the background area you want to remove, and the tool will erase it from your photo.

You can select a new background after removing previous from photomontages, a photo collage, or even upload a different background of your choice.

Beautiful Frames

You get beautiful frames with tools that you can add to your photos like those hanging on your home wall. The tool features multiple frames that you can add on your images to give it a vintage and retro look. However, it is not recommended to add frames to every photo, and it is just suitable for some pictures that can be enhanced with frames.

One-Click Auto Color Correction Feature

The artificial intelligence feature of this tool will help you enhance the color of your photos with a single click. You can achieve great color and effects on your pictures with the one-click auto color correction feature. This feature works like a charm, and you need to try it out to see how effective it is.

Addition of Watermarks

One annoying thing to notice about the inPixio Photo Editor tool is the addition of watermarks when you export your photo after editing in the free edition. As of 2020, most of the premium image editing tools provide a free trial that allows you to export and save the photo without any watermarks. However, it is not the same with inPixio as it will add inPixio watermarks on your photo if you export your photo with its trial version.

Eclipse HDR Pro

With its recent update, inPixio integrated different applications such as Eclipse HDR and Eclipse HDR Pro to itself that allows you to enhance your photos with better exposure and texture. This feature helps you to add amazing HDR effects to your normal images with just a few clicks.

One crucial and not to miss feature of this photo editing tool is to select the areas you want to add lights in the photo. This tool’s incredible feature detects the light source in your photo and gives you an option to turn them on and off.

inPixio Photo Focus

You can enhance the brightness and contrast of the photos using the inPixio Photo Focus addon of the tool. Furthermore, you can add blur to your background and create a focus on the picture. However, the addition of blur would be easily detectable and worsen the quality of the photo. Hence, it would be better if you were careful while using this addon.

inPixio Mobile

You can also use inPixio Mobile App for editing photos on your Android or IOS smartphones. However, the free version of the mobile application comes with limited adjustment and enhancement options.

inPixio Photo Transfer

You can transfer and backup your photos quickly with ease from your ios devices to your PC using the Wi-Fi with the help of the inPixio Photo Transfer tool. It is a great addon to help you backup your photos from your ios device to PC without using any online medium.

Pricing of inPixio Photo Editing Tool

You might think that this all in one image-editing toolkit would be a great option to purchase as it features multiple addons. However, you need to buy every addon separately. If you are trying your hands in the field of photo editing, it can be an excellent option to start at an affordable price. However, I would not recommend it personally if you are already experienced with other image editing tools.

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