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How To Make Money On Twitch

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Whether you’re an avid gamer or not, we can show you how to make money on Twitch.  Twitch is an excellent gaming platform with more than 4 million broadcasters each month and 17.5 million average daily users, all of whom are either playing video games themselves or watching others play video games.  Also included are gamers who want to turn their passion into a little extra cash and earn money without having to work a standard job in order to do so. Some broadcasters earn seven figures annually, including subscriptions, sponsorships and a portion of ad revenues. They do this through a variety of means.

It’s true that they typically have tens of thousands of followers and that they spend countless hours each day streaming, gaming, and hosting other games on their channel. However, you do not have to be an elite user in order to profit from the service.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is the most popular live-streaming site for gaming. You don’t have to login to watch people play your favorite games around the world, but you may connect directly to your favorite streamer or stream your own contents by building a free account. Twitch also features premium subscription options, which allow fans to support their favorite streamers and receive bonuses and freebies in particular games. Twitch averages an amazing 1.1 million visitors a day and over 4.5 million broadcasters a month.

The platform has been growing over 60% annually for two years in a row, and this trend is not showing any signs of stopping. The growth of Twitch is just beginning to escalate, and this growth will give new players like you additional opportunities to start making a real cash from your favorite hobbies.

This article will gives you the insights into 10 different ways to make money on Twitch.  The following methods are theoretically open to every Twitch user to generate money on Twitch.

Build an Audience

If you’re going to find an audience on the internet, you will have to work hard for it. The same applies to Twitch. “Successful channels — like companies — take years to build up”, says Jordan Slavik, a gamer who has helped Twitch broadcasters grow their audiences. The main thing is to keep producing. You may make a little money at first, but don’t expect a continuous income until you’ve worked hard. Make your own genre, niche, or gimmick, such as whether you’re better than most other players, or whether you’re particularly witty. Schedule regular streaming times so fans can tune in. Use your existing social media platforms to promote your Twitch broadcasts. Also watch and interact with other Twitch users’ feeds.

You need to have excellent marketing and networking skills in addition to great gaming skills. The more viewers you get, the more you should interact with them. Don’t just guess—ask questions. Smile and make jokes. Don’t ignore chats. A fun broadcaster keeps fans constantly tuned in to a steady stream.

Paid Livestreams & Sponsorships

Getting your own personal following and developing a working relationship with the people behind the companies that are looking to market their products gives you the opportunity to work with companies as a brand ambassador and receive compensation for promoting their products during your live streams, such as wearing their clothing and using their products on camera etc. In addition to paid live streams, game developers will pay broadcasters to live stream their game in order to expose it to a new audience, with the expectation that some of them may get interested in playing the game themselves as a result of the sponsorship.

Advertising Revenue

For every 100 subscribers a Twitch streamer has, they may expect to make $250 via advertising revenue. Twitch Partners are once again the only ones who can see advertisements. Pre-roll and display ads are offered by Twitch in line with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines. They compensate streamers according to the CPM (Cost Per Impression) model, which means that you are compensated for every 1,000 views of your advertisements.

Although ad income has been declining in recent years as a result of the adoption of ad blockers, you may battle the trend by requesting your viewers to turn off their ad blockers when watching your content on your website.


Many Twitch viewers want to provide money (or ‘tips’) to support their favorite streamers. And, while Twitch bits cannot be accepted until you become a member or partner, through a third-party provider you can receive donations. It can be started by adding the “Donate” button to your channel with services such as PayPal, Streamlabs, Muxy or donorbox to collect funds. You can also encourage viewers to make donations using in-stream selling services. You may take song requests from donors, for example, if you’re a musician. Or, if you enjoy first-person shooter games, you may offer to drop your armor for a limited time to increase the excitement of the game.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketing strategy consists of promoting a product or service while providing your audience with a promotional code. You get a percentage of every sale made with your promo code (or a flat fee). Let’s assume you adore your gaming chair. So you make a deal with the manufacturer, and they send you a coupon code to share with your followers. When someone uses your promo code to buy a gaming chair, the manufacturer gives you a share of the profit. It’s like a sponsorship, but instead of just showing the goods, you have to sell it. If you have a huge following, affiliate agreements might be more beneficial than sponsorship because you can earn more in commissions.

Of course, this relies on your commission and how much your audience really buys, so do the math. To ensure that the sale originated from your viewers, you can utilize promo codes, tracking links, or cookies.

Upload Content on YouTube

One of the ways you can monetize your work is by uploading game compilations, chunks of streams, or fresh video to a classic YouTube channel. Videos on YouTube are easy to find and can go popular. If it does, you will get some views (from which you can collect ad revenue). Viral videos can also attract new viewers to your stream channel. While you can stream for hours, it is recommended to upload only 5-15 minute videos on YouTube . Make sure you upload at least once a week. YouTube will not recommend videos that are less frequent. Make them original, engaging, and instructional to increase your chances of being seen.

Compilations of video games rarely do well on YouTube without a significant audience. Create material that targets certain search terms for your game to succeed as a newer channel. Using a program like TubeBuddy can help you come up with a great idea, select the greatest games, and make a clickable thumbnail to attract new subscribers. You may also direct Twitch viewers and fans to your YouTube channel to help it grow.


This is an additional source of income that is not directly tied to Twitch itself. It goes without saying that if you don’t have a significant following, you’re unlikely to have many people interested in purchasing a mug or t-shirt that features the face of a “nobody” they’ve never heard of. However, if you have established yourself as a popular streamer on Twitch, your audience will be willing to pay for your personalized stuff. The most straightforward method of accomplishing this is to create an online store and then include a link to it on your Twitch page.

After that, you can market it on your social media accounts and refer your followers to your online store. Many short-run manufacturers would be delighted to produce a few personalized “fanboy” items for you.

How to Get Paid on Twitch as an Affiliate

In order to become a Twitch Affiliate, you must meet certain requirements:

  • At least 50 followers
  • Created a total of 500 minutes of broadcast content in the last 30 days
  • Broadcast on 7 unique days or more on average
  • about 3 or more people are watching the video simultaneously.

In addition to the normal money-making methods, when you are a Twitch Affiliate you have access to three new methods of making money.

Twitch Bits

They’re like mini-donations from spectators. They pay via Amazon Payments or PayPal. There are virtual currencies such as bits that gamers can use to “spend” on gaming sites of their favorite gamers. Affiliates and partners receive one cent for every bit the user’s fanbase spends on their channels. When a viewer Cheers, he pays with Bits to join a gamer’s chat channel. To utilize in conversation, he can also buy larger, more animated emotes with Bits. A viewer receives a Cheer Chat Badge by joining a gamer’s chat channel. Chatting in a channel causes viewers to spend Bits, and doing so progressively earns them a better Cheer Chat Badge.

You can define the minimum amount of Bits required to send a Cheer message in your channel to prevent spamming. You can also specify the smallest emote allowed on your channel. You can also include a StreamLabs Tip Jar widget. An empty glass fills up when users utilize Bits on your channel. This encourages your followers to “fill up” your glass.

Twitch Subscriptions

Twitch Subscriptions pay streamers regularly. Encourage your fans to subscribe for $US4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 per month. Twitch and the streamer divide the money collected (although a few top streamers have been able to negotiate a higher percentage). A Subscribe button appears on your page as soon as you join up as an Affiliate or Partner. Subscriber alerts can be set up by streamers. These are notifications indicating someone has subscribed (or renewed) to your channel. Twitch users appreciate seeing their names on their favorite gamer’s page.

Game Sales

By becoming a Twitch Affiliate, you will be able to make money by selling games on your channel. The only thing you have to do is broadcast yourself playing a game that is accessible in the Twitch shop. Then, when someone visits your profile, a “Buy Now” button will appear, allowing them to purchase the game and any in-game add-ons. Twitch Affiliates earn a commission of 5% on all game sales made through their channels, so make sure to recommend games you enjoy playing yourself!

Bottom Line

To make a living on Twitch, you must put in a lot of effort and attention. Many people believe that it is too late to make it on Twitch because of the large number of streamers that are already on the platform, but this is not the case. Developing your community, reaching out to other broadcasters, and engaging with the community on a regular basis are all necessary steps to becoming successful on Twitch. You should keep in mind that, while you can make money on Twitch, it is not a simple way to generate rapid money.

If you want to turn your passion for gaming into a source of income, you’ll have to put in your best effort. Money should never be the ultimate purpose of streaming on Twitch; rather, it should be viewed as a bonus that you receive along the way.

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