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AVG VPN Review

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AVG is a well-known brand when it comes to antivirus software for your PC and other devices. The company has been on the news with its other product to safeguard your internet privacy, i.e., AVG Secure VPN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an incredible tool that keeps your online activities private and secure.

VPN not only encrypts your internet connection but also keeps your location hidden. Moreover, you get complete access to restricted and censored content that is blocked in your country using a VPN.

AVG Secure VPN is a handy tool for you if you are looking to keep your information secure on the Internet. It encrypts the data transfer and keeps your information safe and secure while using the Internet on public Wi-Fi!


AVG Secure VPN is an efficient VPN that works seamlessly on Windows, Macs, Android, and IOS devices. This VPN makes use of an evasion algorithm coupled with bank-grade encryption that provides you private internet access even if you are using an insecure network.

You can change the location and IP address of your device from one country to another country with a single click. This fantastic VPN protects your identity with 256-bit-AES encryption and gives you the option to select locations and IP addresses from 50 different servers and 30 countries around the globe.

Benefits of AVG Secure VPN

IP and DNS Leak Protection
AVG Secure VPN has proven that it keeps your data safe and secure with encryption, security, and private connection. I performed various tests of their servers using a privacy analysis tool to check if there is any leak. However, I didn’t find any leaks. It cloaked my IP address and showed me different every time.
I used the following sites to check for IP leaks, and the results came positive.


You can test your IP and DNS using the above websites if you want to check for any data leak.

Cons of AVG Secure VPN

We talked about some of the benefits of this amazing VPN application. Let’s have consideration towards some of the cons as well:

No Kill Switch
The Internet is not a secure place, even with the use of a VPN. Even if you lose your connectivity for a second, you will lose your privacy. Hence, a VPN must have a kill switch. A kill switch automatically cuts off your internet connection if your VPN connection fails. Therefore, it would be a great addition if AVG Secure VPN adds a kill switch to its feature list.

Netflix Inaccessible for most Locations

When it comes to VPN, a large part of users use it for accessing Netflix. Netflix blocks most of the content based on the geographical location. Most of the VPN providers help their users to access unrestricted content of Netflix despite their current location.

However, it is not the same with AVG Secure VPN. Most of it’s North American Server will help you to unblock Netflix. And at the same time, most of the other servers do not unblock Netflix as they should.

Virus and Malware Free

As you know, AVG is among the leading antivirus providers; you can be assured of virus and malware-free programs on your device. You can scan this application with any antivirus software of your choice.

You will always get positive results without any malware or virus.

Server Locations

The total number of servers is not so high when compared to other popular VPNs. However, the server list is more than enough, and it packs all the famous locations.

But you can be assured of all the popular locations such as the US, Australia, UK, Canada, and other western countries as it’s the server of this VPN. It also features 8 Asian Countries, three South, and Central American Countries, two Middle East, and One African country in its server.

You can also choose the city level server for accessing geo-specific content at optimized speed. It features 15 different cities in the US on its server. However, it doesn’t disclose how many IP addresses it provides or whether those IP addresses are virtual servers or physical servers.

Incredible Customer Support

One great thing about AVG Secure VPN is their customer support. As a customer, we expect customer support to be responsive and reliable if you need any assistance.

You can be assured of fast and responsive customer chat support from AVG Secure VPN. You might not get immediate chat responses from them like live chat support, but you can contact their support team via the Contact Us page for your queries.

Generally, the turnaround time for customer support executives is around 3-5 minutes.

However, you can check their Community Support Page, where you can find answers to most of the general questions regarding the VPN. If you don’t see any questions related to your queries, you can post one and get answers and solutions from the existing users of AVG Secure VPN.


Unlike other VPNs, AVG Secure VPN does not make any false claims regarding its performance. The connection between your device and the virtual server remains constant and doesn’t break like other VPNs.

As per our tests, we were impressed that there were no lags and drops in the connection. You can be assured of excellent performance with almost every server of AVG Secure VPN.

Personal Data Collection

It is quite common that VPN companies are accused of stealing and selling customers’ private data. And it is the same with AVG Secure VPN as well, but there has been no proven evidence of the accusation.

One important fact about AVG is that it was purchased by Avast a few years ago, which is another big antivirus company on the Internet. There were some controversies regarding AVG that they shared users’ data with the authorities; however, it was just gossip.

You can be assured of your data safe with AVG Secure VPN as it doesn’t store or sell your data to any third party.

Pricing of AVG Secure VPN

It provides you a thirty-day free trial option to let you try their service before purchasing it. Moreover, you also get a 30 days money-back guarantee in case you don’t like their service.

You get multiple pricing plans to help you choose the best one for you. However, there isn’t a monthly plan for this VPN. You can only pay for a year, 24 months, or 36 months plan.

You will have to pay a monthly cost of $4.99/month for 12 months plan, $3.99/month for 24 months plan, and 36 months plan.

With AVG Secure VPN, you get plans for multiple devices; however, it would be specific to the operating system and device. If you purchase AVG Secure VPN for Windows, it can only be used on Windows devices. And if you buy this VPN for Mac, you can only use it on Mac devices. You can’t purchase a plan for a Windows device and use it on the Mac.

AVG VPN Review

Wrapping Up

If you ask my opinion, AVG Secure VPN doesn’t provide any over the edge feature when compared to other VPNs. However, it can be the right choice for streaming Netflix and torrenting with impressive speed.

It is quite user-friendly and has incredible customer support. Moreover, the pricing is affordable though it may not be the cheapest VPN. If you are planning to purchase AVG Secure VPN, I will recommend you to go for a 24 months plan as it is the best value for money.

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